Why conduct clinical trials in Ukraine?

In recent years, around 190 new international multi-center studies have been registered annually in Ukraine. This figure is much less than the capabilities of the local emerging clinical research market and there are at least 7 key advantages of Ukraine for accelerating the growth of the market:

1. Location
Ukraine is situated in the center of Eastern Europe, on the crossroads of important transportation routes from Europe to Asia and from the Scandinavian countries to the Mediterranean region.

2. Huge potential naïve patient pool
Ukraine is a large country with one of the biggest populations in Europe. It has a centralized state healthcare system, yet has one of the lowest rates of clinical trials per capita. This creates a tremendous opportunity for research. Ukraine is a big country with a centralized state healthcare system and, at the same time, has one of the lowest rate of clinical trials/population in Europe.

3. Emerging market with the research-friendly regulations
The Law of Medicines regulating clinical research in Ukraine was issued in 1996. Correspondingly, the first international clinical trials also started in 1996. Since then, regulatory authorities have made key improvements that simplify the country’s clinical research environment:

• Quicker startup
• Shorter list of application documents
• Lower import costs

4. Highly educated monitors
Due to the unique social background, highly educated employees with medical and pharmacological backgrounds represent around 90% of the clinical research staff.

5. Highly motivated investigators
Investigators are keenly interested in participation in more international clinical trials and back that up by demonstrating excellent study results and an authentic willingness to build prospective long-term partnerships with the sponsors and CROs.

6. Low project costs per subject
On average, the investigators’/hospitals’/institutions’ study fees and the monitoring cost per study subject in Ukraine are 25% lower than those in the EU.
Moreover, quick and efficient study enrollment in Ukraine reduces the time required for recruitment, which saves money as well.

7. High quality performance
Most customers conducting clinical trials in Ukraine are impressed by the high quality performance.
The U.S. FDA’s inspection database shows that quality in Ukraine is as good as, or better than, other regions of the world.